Vincenzo's - A Brief History

Bob Krauss grew up and resided in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. While there he was a regular customer at a small “Mom & Pop” pizza shop called Vincent’s Pizza Park located on Ardmore Boulevard. There they served pizzas made with their home made hand tossed “Napoli” style crust, brought with them from Naples Italy. A Napoli style crust is very thin in the middle and very puffy around the edge. Granulated garlic is sprinkled around the edge of the puffy crust before baking to a golden brown. Nothing like it had ever been made in this country and they were very successful.

In 1978 Bob relocated with his family from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Newhall California. One thing he really missed was a good Vincent’s Pizza from back home. He could not find anything near the taste of that crust out here in California so he called Vincent back in Pittsburgh to let him know how homesick he was for that home style hand tossed pizza crust. Bob and Vince were very close friends so Vince invited Bob back to Pittsburgh to teach him his famous pizza crust recipe. After learning the recipe and how to hand toss the dough into the Napoli style crust, Bob returned to Newhall California, changed his name to Vincenzo and opened the very first Vincenzo’s Pizza Shop in February of 1979 at 245041/2 Lyons Avenue in Newhall California.

At first, Vincenzo only opened his pizza shop three days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and each day was packed with customers. Customers were lined up out the door waiting for their chance to order that flavorful Napoli style crust with the baked on granulated garlic. Vincenzo also began serving warm melted butter and dipping that golden garlic crust in to butter was also a big hit. Vincenzo soon realized he would have to open seven days a week to keep his customers happy. Over several years the store was expanded to four times its original size to accommodate additional customer seating.

In 1983 Vincenzo took on a partner, John Hudock, from back home in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and also a customer of Vincent’s Pizza Park. Together they began to build additional Vincenzo’s Pizza shops in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys. In 1985 the stores were sold to individual owner operators and a commissary was built to handle production and distribution to maintain consistency of the pizza dough balls for all of the stores.

Vincenzo passed away just after 20 years in the pizza business, however, John continues with the manufacturing, distribution of the pizza dough, licensing of additional stores and product and ingredient quality control of the finished product in the stores.

Vincenzo’s Newhall will be celebrating 36 years as the First and Original.

Vincenzo’s Pizza opened on Lyons Avenue in Newhall California. Under new ownership, it continues to be one of the best Restaurants in SCV. Steven Katz is the new owner and is passionate about Vincenzo’s, and preserving the originality, quality, experience and taste.

He is committed to maintain Vincenzo’s Newhall to be the best place to have the best pizza in Santa Clarita. Also, to make Vincenzo’s Newhall the go to place for quality entertainment.